Apex EL system set

Apex Entry Level system set from the well-known Neptune Systems for controlling your aquarium

Apex EL system set is the entry level version of the Neptune Systems aquarium computer

EL stands for Entry Level and is a cheaper version compared to the APEX (2016) labgrade set.

This set comes with:

  • 6 switchable sockets block
  • pH probe
  • temperature probe
  • EL basic unit

EL Basic unit has a temperature, pH probe input, ethernet connection, WiFi module, 2 aquabus plugs and a 6 switch I / O port.

The difference with the APEX (2016) labgrade base unit is that the EL base does not have a salt measurement port, no ORP port and no 4 channel variable speed / dimming (0-10V) ports.

The ApexEL makes it easier to keep your aquarium and also monitors important parameters such as temperature, pH and the status of your connected equipment.

This is the ApexEL.

  • Cheaper version of his big APEX brother
  • Prevents disasters by monitoring the temperature and pH in your aquarium, taking corrective actions for you and warning you via your smartphone when things are not working properly
  • Monitor your equipment, make sure it always works and you know when it is not.
  • iPhone, iPad or Android app controlled. Also works on a PC or Mac via a regular web browser.
  • Follow your manual test results, maintenance, tank observations and help you to correlate problems in your aquarium
  • Manages the complete operation of equipment (lights, pumps, filters, ATO, etc.) On your tank with simple setup "Tasks" and an easy-to-use app.
  • Takes the place of many expensive and cumbersome discrete components such as light timers, heating controls, pump regulators, etc.
  • Expandable - Add more monitoring and control functions, as well as specialized Apex ecosystem hardware if your needs require it.
Additional Info
Manufacturer Neptune Systems

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