Aqua Medic Tonga Peals

Aqua Medic Tonga Peals ideal as a substrate in seawater aquariums available in 5 kg and 10 kg bags

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Aqua Medic Tonga Peals ideal as a substrate in seawater aquariums.

- Newly developed, white substrate
- Produced under high quality conditions
- Saving the environment, not extracted from nature
- Chemical structure corresponds to natural coral sand
- No fossil material
- Suitable for use in any marine aquarium
- Only needs to be flushed a few times before use

Tonga Pearls is a completely new and unique lime material, produced under high quality conditions, the composition and the crystal structure correspond to natural coral sand. Because of its texture and very white appearance, Tonga Pearls are ideal as a substrate in seawater aquariums.

Tonga Pearls are also ideal for lower animals, such as anemones, tube anemones, tube worms and lip fish, because they can easily hide there.
The sand can also be easily moved by gobies. Tonga Pearls are similar to the lime skeletons of corals with a similar structure and this is the basis for a well-functioning aquarium.
Tonga Pearls is not a fossil material. It is neither extracted by extraction from stones nor extracted from the sea and is therefore environmentally friendly and also free from impurities.


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