Aqua Synergy A-complex

Aqua Synergy A-complex is a powerful bio stimulator for freshwater aquarium

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Aqua Synergy A complex

A-Complex is a simple name, but this bottle is packed with powerful ingredients for both plants and fish.

A bottle contains the following substances:

  • Carbon - Carbon is one of the most important sources for life, also for aquarium plants.
  • Vitamins - Indispensable and of great importance for humans and animals, also for plants they fulfill various functions that are needed.
  • Amino acids - The 18 essential amino acids in A - Complex have been selected for their excellent effect, purity and essential.
  • (Co-) Enzymes - No enzymatic activity without coenzymes and therefore no activity.
  • Plant extracts - Nature has already invented it all and plants exist much longer than the people on earth.
  • Traces elements - We have added almost 90 (trace) elements in a balanced composition.
  • Micro-Organisms - You can imagine a friendly and useful army of invisible little creatures.
  • Stabilized Iron Fe+ - Iron is very important for aquarium plants. It is a mineral that is used by the plant.
  • Medicinal herbs - power can also be in a mechanical resistance that is built on by the plant substances.

1x per week, 30ml per 100 liters of water

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