Rossmont Riser RX5000 + Waver

Rossmont Riser RX5000 AC controllable return pump for marine and freshwater aquariums including Waver controller

Rossmont Riser RX5000 + Waver 5000l/hr max flow

AC controllable return pump for marine and freshwater aquariums including Waver controller

* Extreme performances
* Super quiet operation
* For WET & DRY use
* Long life ceramic system
* Sump mode with calibration function
* Surface/closed loop mode
* Flowrate: 5000 L/h
* Overall dimensions (mm): L:102 W:142 H:176
* 2 hose pillars with a diameter of 25 mm or 30 mm (sawing the pillar for the desired size)
* Head Max: 3,60 m
* Max Powered consumed: 70W
* Rated voltage: 230VAC - 50Hz
* Supply cord length: 2m (6ft)
* Use The App Rossmont inTouch to control your pump


Calibration function

It allows to memorize the minimum flow rate for your aquarium
keeping the pump in continuous operation
so you can quickly get into feeding mode
reducing food intake into the sump and remove air insertion into the tank.


Manage your tank filtration

Graphic curve control to customize the power of the pump in 24h schedule

A quiet friend in your tank

Highly reliable technology

Double VAS

Double vibration and noise absorption system


Get the best from your pump

* Surface / closed loop mode
* Hide your pump
* Simulate real reef currents
* Create wave patterns

Additional Info
Manufacturer Rossmont

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