Vertex Somatic UF-1

Vertex Somatic UF-1 media reactor Just add a pump and tubing for an effective fluidized media reactor

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Vertex Somatic UF-1 media reactor 1 Liter

Just add a pump and tubing for an effective fluidized media reactor!

Fluidized media reactors are a requirement for using almost any type of loose aquarium media like carbon, GFO or biopellets. The Somatic UF-1 Media Reactor only takes a few minutes to set up and is a great addition to any reef filtration system.

Somatic's UF-1 Media Reactor has a very simple up-flow design that eliminates dead spots while increasing efficiency and contact time with your choice of media. Choose from GFO, carbon, or any other type of aquarium filtration media that needs to run in a reactor.

Plumbing the reactor requires a feed pump and 1/2" soft tubing that can connect to the supplied barbed unions. The flow can be fine-tuned through the included barbed ball valve for the perfect flow, for the type of media you have in the reactor. The UF-1 can be run either as a hang on back (HOB) reactor with the included bracketor fully submerged in your sump.

Pump Suggestions:
We suggest a pump that can push around 1400 L/H, but may vary depending on your systems requirements.
We have had great success with the following pump: Sicce Syncra 1.0


Changing the media out of any reactor can easily become a frustrating mess depending on the design of the reactor. The UF-1 reactor can be fully disassembled for maintenance and media exchanges. Simply turn your pump off, disconnect the plumbing from the reactor and you can change the media out in your sink or over a bucket.


Dimensions - 11 L x 8.3 W x 32,9cm H
MedIa Capacity - 1100ml
Hose Input/Output Size - 1/2"

What's Included?

1x UF-1 Media Reactor
1x Barbed Ball Valve
4x Ratchet Clamps
2x Elbow Fittings
2x Barbed Unions
2x Foam Pads

Note: Foam pads should be removed for use with biopellets.

Additional Info
Manufacturer Vertex Somatic

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