Vertex Puratek 100 +DI - 380 liter a day

Osmosis device with a production of 380 liters of osmosis water per day with DI filter

Vertex Puratek 100 + Di filter - 380 liters of osmosis water per day - yield 1: 2.5

Professional Reverse Osmosis device with a yield of 360 liters per day and a super result of 1 liter of purified water on 2.5 liters of waste water (depending on water temperature and water pressure).

Features: 1 large filter housing with sediment cartridge, 1 large filter housing with carbon cartridge, 1 osmosis housing, 1 di-filter, 1 oil-filled pressure gauge, 1 flow limiter (with manual membrane rinsing) to automatically obtain the correct water ratios.

The membrane is of the top brand "Pentair" and top class quality with a filtering of at least 95%.

A metal mounting plate to fix the device to the wall, a plastic key to unscrew the filter housings, osmosis hoses to connect it and a water tap connection with 3/4 "thread are included.

Finally, the device is supplied with a solenoid valve which can be connected to a level control (not included).

Tip: It is important to always keep the osmosis device full of water after use. This is easily achieved by placing 3 osmosis taps on the water supply, waste water and clean water hose. After use, disconnect everything, close the taps and store the device neatly. This way you prevent the membrane from drying out, a dried out membrane no longer functions properly and you can throw it away.
Also rinse the membrane regularly as stated in the manual.

Additional Info
Manufacturer Vertex

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