Naamswijzigingen in de Anthiadinae family

Mirolabrichthys evansi

In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about the genus of several anthias species. There has now been a revision and below you can find which names has been changed and what the new name is. From now on we will use the new names on our website, but we will off course make sure you can find them under the old names as well until everyone is familiair with their new names.

Old name(s) – New name

Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys bartlettorum – Nemanthias bartlettorum
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys bicolor – Nemanthias bicolor
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys dispar – Nemanthias dispar
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys ignitus – Nemanthias ignitus
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys regalis – Nemanthias regalis
Nemanthias carberryi remains Nemanthias carberryi
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys lori – Pyronotanthias lori
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys aurulentus – Pyronotanthias aurulentus
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys bimarginatus – Pyronotanthias bimarginatus
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys flavoguttatus – Pyronotanthias flavoguttatus
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys parvirostris – Pyronotanthias parvirostris
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys privitera – Pyronotanthias privitera
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys smithvanisi – Pyronotanthias smithvanisi
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys timanoa – Pyronotanthias timanoa 
Pseudanthias/Mirolabrichthys unimarginatus – Pyronotanthias unimarginatus 
Pseudanthias tuka – Mirolabrichthys tuka
Pseudanthias pascalus – Mirolabrichthys pascalus
Pseudanthias evansi – Mirolabrichthys evansi 

As you can see, quite a large revision. With more species being discovered every year, and thanks to better determination techniques like DNA sampling, this might change again in the future.
Credits to De Jong Marinelife for this information

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