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Medication, water preparation for the treatment of diseases and pests in the aquarium, such as products against white spots, dinoflagellates, bryopsis and glass anemones.
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We offer many types of products to tackle fish diseases, pests on coral or other nasty diseases of your seawater fish or corals.
When introducing new corals , always use a coral dip to remove any unwanted pests. A coral dip works quickly and effectively.

There are also means to tackle the annoying dinoflagellates, but use these products very consciously. Weakened corals cannot always appreciate these agents.

Glass anemones can easily and effectively combat by injecting a substance into the glass anemone. Do this by going very quietly to the glass anemone with a syringe with the anti-glass anemone agent, the anemone may not retract yet. Once the nozzle is close to the glass anemone, spray your mouth full, the glass anemone contracts with the waist and will not come out like this. Tackle a glass anemone immediately, otherwise it can become a nuisance.

For fish diseases such as & nbsp; fungal, bacterial, coarse sea dot, fine sea dot, white dot and parasitic infections such as oodinium, fungus cryptocarion, open wounds and many others can also be treated, but choose the right medicine for this.

Against Bryopsis you can also get a very effective medicine from Blue Life Flux RX


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