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Freshwater aquarium products that are necessary to use when keeping a freshwater aquarium. Beautiful aquascape, aquarium heating, aquarium LED lighting, aquarium filters and natural fish food.
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Seaflower is also familiar with freshwater aquariums and we are expanding our knowledge and products to keep the beautiful freshwater aquarium.

Important is a beautiful and good aquarium substrate , for this, different types of aquarium gravel are available for the perfect aquascape.
Freshwater aquarium lighting is also available in high-quality freshwater LED lighting which makes the aquatic plants and total aquarium becomes even more beautiful.

Good fish nutrition for aquarium fish and shrimps is very important, that is why we only supply the best fish food .

Aquarium filter material should not be missing and have activated carbon and porous ceramic rings for the aquarium filter.

Aquarium pump and aquarium heating for circulation and keeping the aquarium water at the right temperature.

UVC lamp to switch off floating bacteria around fish limit diseases and a UV filter also makes the water super clear.


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