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Many types of additives to keep the water values ideal. Such as ready-to-use sea water, salt to make your own sea water, calcium, magnesium etc to increase this.
Replenishing short in the water is very important, so you keep the environment for the corals in an optimal condition so that they stay well alive, have beautiful colors and naturally have coral growth.
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In our assortment you will find different products to refill the shortages of your aquarium water, to improve the water quality and even medication to address problems.

Here you will find:

Nitrate inhibitors , phosphate removers , biopellets as a food source for the bacteria that deal with nitrate and phosphate. Bacteria are used to create a good balance in the aquarium filter (stone and sand), ready-made seawater, salt to make your own seawater and much more.

Medication , for example against the annoying white dot or to prevent the formation of ammonia in new fish.

Various water additives such as Calcium, iodine, sodium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, potassium, fluorine, nitrate, phosphate and even more to get your aquarium water back in balance. Corals use these substances for their growth and well-being, sometimes just changing water is not enough and some values must be added separately.
We also supply ready-made seawater , which is easy and quick to use for a water change


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