MagFox Magnetic Hose Cleaning Brush


MagFox Magnetic Hose Cleaning Brush

*Clever magnetic "brush" eases aquarium tubing maintenance
*Clean aquarium tubing better than conventional foxtail brushes
*Remove buildup in aquarium filtration hoses to restore flow rate

Two Little FishiesStreamline maintenance to keep aquarium equipment working at peak performance. Two Little Fishies MagFox Aquarium Tubing Cleaner simplifies the maintenance of aquarium tubing. Super maneuverable miniature magnetic "brush" scrubs away flow-restricting buildup where conventional foxtail brushes cannot reach. Simple back and forth movement mechanically removes algae and organic buildup within hosing or tubing walls that reduce equipment performance.

Enjoy a more convenient and thorough maintenance to restore equipment performance and aquarium aesthetic without costly and cumbersome tubing replacements. MagFox can be inserted into aquarium tubing and hoses 10mm in diameter or larger and removed without getting one's hands wet. Two Little Fishies MagFox Aquarium Tubing Cleaner measures approximately 13mm x 6,4mm and only 3mm thick! External magnet measures 38mm in diameter.

Additional Info
Manufacturer Two Little Fishies

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