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Useful aquarium accessories to facilitate handling of the aquarium such as hose holders, earth spikes, scoop nets, grippers to pick up something from the aquarium bottom without getting wet hands.
We also have silicone hoses which are used for lifting pumps, the silicone hose absorbs vibrations caused by the lifting pump, making it a lot quieter.

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To make a hole in the glass for a transit, use a glass drill . You always drill very slowly in glass and let the glass drill do the work. Also always ensure that the drill stays wet with, for example, water.

Air outlets (air stone, fizzy stone, linden wood) for air pumps for the add extra oxygen to the aquarium water or quarantine collection.

The advantage of using Silicone hoses is that they do not cure and so always stay flexible. When using a silicone hose between the aquarium supply pump and the PVC pipes it absorbs vibrations from the aquarium lifting pump making it considerably quieter.

To get a super turbulent outflow from the lift pump, you can use a Random Flow Generator , because of this you already have a lot of changing streams in the aquarium.

If your corals grow in the marine aquarium, it is also necessary to prune / frag them occasionally. For this frag stones,  coral nippers and cutting racks  are super handy.

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