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Biopellets come in many different types, some have to be placed in a fluid bed filter . The XL biopellets can be used without fluidised bed filter.
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Biopellets are a food source for bacteria

Biopellets are a biodegradable polymer made for the bacteria. They act as steroids for the beneficial bacteria in your saltwater aquarium system. You want a strong colony of bacteria because they naturally regulate nitrates in the water, among other things. Corals need some small amounts of nitrates and phosphates to live. But too many of them can lead to problems such as coral dying or algal blooms.

Biopellets provide an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive. By water from your system in a biopellet reactor also fluidised bed filter to pump, we create a little controllable, food-filled, home where bacteria can live and reproduce.

Alternatives to biopellets:
Biopellets provide a source of carbon, but not carbon like the media we use to remove toxins from the tank (activated carbon). This is a carbon like in the building block of life. Because we feed the bacteria, you can choose to use a different type of food.

Vodka dosage, carbon additives (such as Red Sea NO3: PO4 -X or DSR carbon v/s), sugar and even vinegar are all ways to add carbon. By putting these elements on & nbsp; adding to the system, the entire aquarium can become an ideal environment for the bacteria. & nbsp;

Should I use biopellets?
If there are so many alternatives to biopellets, why would you use them? One reason is that biopellets are so effective at reducing nitrates that (when used with a heavy protein skimmer) can often stop using granulated iron oxide (GFO). In contrast to GFO, biopellets only need to be "supplemented", rather than completely replaced, because they are consumed by the bacteria. As a result, less maintenance is required (and save a little money) while you enjoy crystal clear water and a healthy aquarium. A biopellet reactor also limits the majority of the bacteria to a single area. This allows a more precise control over the effects that the bacteria will have on the system.

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