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As soon as the Cyano bacteria get the upper hand over the good bacteria, an ugly and annoying purple blanket forms on the stone, sand and affected corals.
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Often the cyano bacteria can be traced to dirt accumulation, imbalance in the nitrate and phosphate values. The nitrate and phosphate must not be '0' or not measurable with a good test set. There are various means to deal with the cyano bacteria.
The Cyano baterie forms a kind of blanket over itself as soon as the light comes on. This is to protect the bacteria, as soon as the aquarium lighting is off, this blanket becomes less thick and can even disappear completely.
You can remove the red flap layer when it is thickest, this can by suction.
Discard the water with the flap and do not re-use it by, for example, filtering it with a Filter bag, because then you spread the bacteria throughout the aquarium.
Adding extra good bacteria can help in the process, but also the resources in this category can certainly help in tackling the red flap, always read the description of the product carefully and apply it.

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