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Computer to automate processes. For example, you can have the lighting switched off if the water temperature becomes too high.
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There are many products that automate a lot of processes when keeping an aquarium.
An aquarium computer can, for example, measure the temperature and can a connected aquarium heating element switch on / off. The pH is measured, the Redox (ORP), which is very important if you are going to work with ozone generator . An aquarium computer can also have commands executed, eg during feeding the fish that the feed pump and skimmer will switch off and will be switched on again after 10 minutes.

Alkatronic is a system in which the kh of the seawater aquarium and automatically doses the kh in combination with a Dosetronic is automatically applied automatically dosing program adjusted if the kh is eg too high or too low.

Regularly checking the measuring instruments to work properly is also very important, this is done simply by using Reference fluids . Never place the measuring pen in the bottle of the reference liquid, but pour a little liquid into a clean glass (eg from an old test set) and place the measuring pen in it, so the relative reference purity remains.

Neptune Systems has the popular APEX system, this is a very user-friendly system, which can be easily extended.

GHL has the Profilux system , this is also a very extensive system, this requires a little more computer knowledge, but with the clear manuals and instruction videos on Youtube, this is also a very nice system.

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