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The aquarium bacteria ensure a healthy balance in the aquarium and can limit high nitrates and phosphates. Living stone is therefore superfluous, every stone becomes alive by adding a good bacterial preparation. When you start an aquarium there are special start-up bacteria available, which limit the ammoniac peak.
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The bacteria in a marine aquarium live mainly in the sandy bottom and in the stone. The bacteria produce energy for their biological function by oxidizing ammonia in the much safer form of nitrogen for the saltwater aquarium which is nitrite. Bacteria subsequently convert the nitrite into nitrate, which is even safer and is not considered toxic at all at low to medium levels. By regularly supplementing the population of bacteria, the chance of imbalance such as eg cyano (red flap) is reduced.
When adding bacteria, we recommend that the protein skimmer for 60 minutes, so that not everything ends up in the skimmer immediately. Often a 'support' for the bacteria is added so that they end up on the bottom and on the stone faster, such as CoralSnow or EasyLife filter medium

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