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Everything for the daily maintenance of your aquarium, descaling of the flow pump and other handy tools.
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 Activated carbon for filtering the aquarium water, activated carbon removes medicine residues, fragrances and colorants, making the water crystal clear.

Use a algae scraper or algae magnet for easy cleaning of the aquarium glass. Clean the windows as soon as the light goes out or almost goes out. As a result, the algae grow back on the glass less quickly and remain clean longer.

Filter bags , filter mats and even automatic fleece filter systems ensure that the litter is removed from the water. This makes the water cleaner.

Coral glue for fixing corals on the stones or on cutting stones. Coral glue comes in a gel form, 2 components or cement form.

Useful cleaning agents during aquarium maintenance for descaling pumps, a brush set, coral dip for removing pests on new corals.

For a refugium (seaweed filter) are special refugium lamps, nutrient medium and stone which enormously increases the surface area for bacterial housing, so less (living) stone is needed.

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