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Aquarium pump of brands and different types, such as an aquarium flow pump , an aquarium pump , a power filter or an aquarium dosing pump . Pumps for the return of the filtered water to the seawater aquarium, or flow pumps to ensure the necessary water exchange and removal of the suspended particles, are essential elements of a functioning seawater aquarium. Dosing pumps are an accurate tool for reducing daily work. Compare the top brands here and be inspired.
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What types of aquarium pumps are there?

Aquarium boost pump becomes used to pump the water that is in the sump (tank under or at the back of the aquarium) back to the aquarium. This creates a circulation of the water and it is possible to place the aquarium heater, protein skimmer and a fluid bed filter out of sight.
Aquarium dosing pump for automatically adding substances such as calcium, amino acids or other trace elements. This takes a lot of work out of your hands, ensures a more stable water balance and you have more time to enjoy the sea aquarium.
Aquarium flow pump for a seawater aquarium it is recommended to maintain 20x to 40x the capacity of the aquarium at flow capacity. For a 100-liter aquarium a total flow of 2000-4000 liters per hour flow would be advised. This can be 1 pump or distributes it to several pumps.
Power filter pump works with filterpadding and ensures removal of an enormous amount of floating dirt, even though the water appears to be clean, it will surprise you how much dirt is removed by a power filter, thereby limiting the build-up of phosphate / nitrate.

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