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Products for making osmosis water easily and quickly. When changing the filters regularly, you ensure very pure osmosis water for replenishing evaporated water or for making saltwater by adding a good sea salt.
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Osmose / ionenexchangers

AquaHolland Aquapro 50/80 sediment kit


Osmose / ionenexchangers

sediment cartridge Aquapro 50/80/100


Osmose / ionenexchangers

carbon cartridge Aquapro 50/80/100


Osmose / ionenexchangers

AquaHolland Aquapro 50S


Osmose / ionenexchangers

AquaHolland Aquapro 80S


Osmose / ionenexchangers

AquaHolland Aquapro 100S


Osmose / ionenexchangers

RO membraan 180 ltr (Vontron)


We recommend the paper pre-filtering (sediment filter) and the carbon filter (Carbon cartridge) to be replaced at least once a year. The filter with the resin in it depends on the TDS value of the osmosis water. If it is above 3-6 ppm, the resin must be replaced. Earlier, of course, is also possible, for example if it is no longer 0ppm.

If the resin is quickly saturated, then the membrane is most likely to be replaced, which then allows too many substances through which the resin absorbs. This makes it quickly saturated.
To keep the condition of the membrane in good condition, it should never get dry. You can achieve this by installing shut-off valves in the hoses and close them after use.
The rinsing of the membrane must also take place at least once a month, this can be done by the restrictor (white plastic thickening) which is in the hose remove water from the 'dirty' waste and let the water flow for 10 minutes. After rinsing, replace the restrictor and the osmosis device is ready and clean again.

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