Aquaforest LAB Components Pro 3x5 Ltr

Aquaforest LAB Components Pro 3x5 Ltr fluids intended for dosing in equal amounts to your reeftank

Aquaforest LAB Components Pro 3x5 Ltr fluids intended for dosing in equal amounts to your tank

After years of research and tests AF came up with the most efficient product formulas and we developed a unique Aquaforest Probiotic Method. As a result we are one of few who can offer products that allow harvesting even the most demanding coral species. What’s more, all our products are manufactured in the EU from carefully selected components and under strict laboratory supervision, so we meet the highest possible standards.

The chemical composition of Components Pro is based on the method developed by H.W. Balling, however it has been modified and enriched with microelements necessary for the normal function of a marine aquarium.
This way, we have obtained 3 fluids intended for dosing in equal amounts on a regular basis in order to fulfil coral demand not only in terms of magnesium and calcium, but also in terms of all other elements, where doses may be difficult for establishing under home conditions, and which require careful and systematic dosing. Maintaining adequate levels of magnesium and calcium also preserves suitable amounts of microelements in a reef aquarium (Ca 380-460 ppm, Mg 1180-1460 ppm).
In tanks containing an average number of hard corals, the dose is approximately 12 ml daily per 100 litres of water.

Component 1 Pro contains: Ca, Sr, Ba, Co, Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn, Ni, Cr, Mo (25 ml/100 l [27 US gal] raises Ca level by 9 ppm).
Component 2 Pro contains: HCO3, F, I (25 ml/100 l [27 US gal] raises the KH by 1,3 dKH, Alk 0,46 meq/l).
Component 3 Pro contains: Mg, mineral salts and S, K, B, Sr, Li. (25 ml/100 l [27 US gal] raises Mg level by 0,76 ppm).

What’s great about this product?
- The highest efficiency set of crucial elements
- Experience based formula
- The most concentrated fluids to meet all the aquarium’s needs
- Provides ionic balance

With an average coral stocking: 12 ml daily/100 liters (27 US gal) of water

Good to know
It’s best for your corals to split the daily dose into as many small doses as it’s possible

Additional Info
Manufacturer Aquaforest

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