Calcean: Marine Accents

CalCean Marine Accents lagoon

We want to highlight another product from Calcean: Marine Accents

Marine accents are mix of 100% natural small and large pieces of coral, clam and snail shells etc.
calcean marine accents lagoon

In freshwater aquascaping it’s common to use large gravel and small rocks to smoothen the transition between sand and large rocks. This results in a softer and much more natural look. In reefscaping this is not very common yet, but we believe every tank will benefit from some accents on the sand, especially around the rockwork to make our tanks look even more like a natural reef.

On top of that, these accents are also a welcome addition to fish, shrimps or other animals that build burrows in the sand. With some larger pieces they can build their houses much easier and sturdier. 

Marine accents come in two variants/sizes: Lagoon and Ocean. Lagoon are smaller pieces, perfect for burrow-builders and as details around the rocks (especially in smaller tanks). Ocean is a little larger and more suited for larger tanks, but these pieces are also very suitable as a natural shaped frag stone!
calcean marine accents ocean