How to use a reference fluid in Mastertronic

How to use a reference fluid in Mastertronic (v7)

What do you need:

  • A pipette with good accuracy, and resolution of at least 0.1 ml and single use tips. Never use same tip more than once, and never discard anything back into the reference fluids. Otherwise the ref fluid will be contaminated. Also take care immediately close the lid of the ref bottles.
  • Reference fluid like DSR reference

How to do:

  1. Disconnect the ”sample in” hose from MT
  2. Fill reaction chamber with 10 ml of reference fluid
  3. Start the test that corresponds to the reference fluid you have. For Nitrate, do NOT use comp mode, and make sure you use fresh water mode if the ref solutions is based on distilled water, and marine water mode if the ref solution is based on marine water. For Ca and Mg, never use low range mode.
  4. Now you will hear that stepper motor start (=the sample motor, some slightly more loud sound than the other motors). Do nothing, just wait until its finished
  5. When stepper motor has stopped you will hear the empty motor starting, and you can see reaction chamber is empty. Do nothing. Just observe
  6. When empty motor is finished, you will hear the stepper start again. NOW pour down another 10 ml of the ref fluid into the reaction chamber.
  7. When stepper motor has stopped , a short stirring will start, and then you will hear the empty motor starting again, and you can see reaction chamber is empty. Do nothing. Just observe.
  8. Now stepper motor will start again, do nothing this time. Empty motor will start, do nothing.
  9. When you notice that needle will go to the right and stop above the rinsing
    chamber, THEN immediately pour reference fluid direct into the reaction
    chamber, and the volume to pour down is depending on which parameter you are testing:
    • Ca: 4.8 ml
    • Mg: 3.8 ml
    • Nitrate: 10.8 ml (FM/TM reagent)
    • Nitrate: 4.8 ml (API reagent)
    • Phosphate Red Sea PRO: 10.8 ml
    • Phosphate Red Sea: 9.8 ml
    • Phosphate Colombo: 9.8 ml
    • Phosphate Fauna Marin 9.8 ml
    • KH Red Sea Pro: 9.8 ml
    • KH Salifert: 7.8 ml
    • Iodine: 4.8 ml
  10. Now just let machine continue with its algoritms, but still observe it. When
    needle is going further to the right and is located above a reagent vial for the first time, then connect back the sample water hose to the chassi. (NOT before).
  11. When MT is completely done run a ”rinsing of reaction chamber” from
    maintenance menu.
  12. Made by Jonas Roman, Designer, Focustronic
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